Network Services

We Architect your business to its perfect Route and exact Destination.


■ Hardware & Software Acquisition and vendor choices.
■ WiFi Network Set-up
■ PABX/VOIP Set-up
■ Antivirus Servers
■ NAS Servers
■ Virtualization
■ Management Optimization
■ Migration Services
■ System Upgrading

Networking Simplified

Most network architecture and implementations are complicated because they were designed that way. A simple network can do complicated jobs and it shouldn't be the other way around. That is why we simplify things just the way you need it. Understanding how things work is different from understanding the needs. We based Network Structure based on the need and built from it. That's what we call "making it simple".  

Our expertise and innovation will be your Connecting Gateway to the World.

Network Advise

Sometimes most of the needs are not present since you knew that it is needed. Information technology has created an industry in which knowing the latest information and work around gives "the edge" to jump-start any competition in the market. With these, we always give our best analysis on making things effective and efficient. We are particular in detail and we always seek out the best solution for every problem. As Network Consultants, we ensure that we provide the optimal answer for your questions and we value time and we certainly guarantee that the time you spent talking to us will certainly give you the best current industry based solution that is well proven accurate and efficient.

Network Design

Most networks are created from "Accidental Framework". This is a network that was created without a proper plan and since it is working alongside with other things, it is left that way believing it's doing the job. Doing the job is sometimes not actually efficiently doing the job. One or two unnecessary devices can cause electricity overhead or make things just as slow and complicated. We study carefully your existing network or existing business before we plan and make it future-proof. We design networks based on your business way and just add the right execution to make it work flawlessly.

Network Set-Up

Having a new office, upgrade or a new project requires planning and hardware acquisition for a network infrastructure. There's a lot of considerations to make from a vast list of hardware vendors, budget, warranty and even intricate configuration. With these constraints, we act as your partner in starting, building or even upgrading your business. Creating network infrastructure from scratch or simply efficiently upgrading networks is our forte. We make your start our fast-track route to impress. Let's build a smart network for your complete needs. 

Network Manage

Since network infrastructures are created based on how the needs are presented, it becomes unique and needs different approaches that can make if efficient and always up and running. We manage networks in the sense of making us available 24/7 to assist and be ready for your needs. With our experiences, we have gathered knowledge of most top tier brands and methods of maintaining and making things "as usual". We make things always working for your needs as we aspire to inspire you with every services we provide. In Jinetech, we impress our clients with a relationship that shows a work ethic which is client oriented.