Our Leadership

Your Next Generation Partner

Takemicho Kawano

President & CEO
After graduating from his post graduate course from the top university in the country, Mich started to conceptualize Jinetech from his years of working as a network systems engineer. He envisioned the need of today’s businesses network structure as an edge to transform current business to limitless possibilities. Having worked for a Japanese Company for several years, He has learned the different flow of business processes from the core down to its network operations. Mich is an excellent leader and visionary that created Jinetech’s existence in today’s demanding industry.

Jeffrey Vallarta

Vice President & CTO
One of the core founders of Jinetech and member of the executive management team. Responsible for Jinetech’s network cloud operations and configurations. Jeff is the leading innovator for excellence in cloud security taking Jinetech to limitless possibilities. His adaptability to answer any demand is beyond expectations. Jeff has immense knowledge and experience in enhancing configurations, building systems architecture in which augmented Jinetech’s growth.

John Escotido

Vice President & COO
Another member of the executive management team and core founder of Jinetech. A Cisco Certified Network Engineer and a master of switching and routing configurations. John is responsible for Jinetech’s network infrastructure operations. Having worked for several years from the top 5 vendors of network equipment, John has develop the consistent skills that makes optimal configurations solve today’s fast-paced, demanding and vast Industry. He is highly motivated and results oriented professional.