Cloud Services

Making the Web Your Own Network Infrastructure

What is Cloud Computing?

The term "Cloud Computing" refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet. It gives more flexibility in how you can scale your application servers, database and storage capabilities and make it available “always” like how clouds are always there beneath the sky.

Your Current IT State before Cloud

Most traditional companies today uses in-house data center and servers in their offices thus electricity bill and hardware acquisition cost might come as a liability in the end. Sometimes, these costs are just great that they are better spent on a newer technology which is more efficient and reliable. Most big companies today has migrated to Cloud Computing for the reason of cost efficiency, scalability, and high availability. These sounds just the right reasons why choose Cloud as the perfect choice.

Cloud Computing has Enabled us to Deliver 

High availability and Scaling efficiency 

at a Lower cost.

Cloud Services

■ Amazon Web Services Management
■ Amazon Web Services Architecture
■ Webhosting
■ Virtualization and Hardware Build
■ Cloud Security And Compliance
■ Data Center Efficiency Analysis
■ Management Optimization
■ Migration and Upgrade Through Cloud
■ Hardware and Software acquisition for cloud servers

J-Cloud Advise

Wondering how Cloud Computing may benefit your company? But can't seem to understand your options? At Jinetech we help you understand things the way we see it by showing you how we can make a difference in your daily business processes. We can help you get familiarized with today's intricate cloud concepts, and give you a solid foundation on how we can further develop or improve your current IT. Technologies are always introduced before harnessing it, thus let Jinetech introduce you on the way Cloud Computing empowers businesses.

Cloud Hosting

The Internet can give you a lot of options on where to host your servers. They may come in a competitive price and easy method of management but is it really these elements that gives you the best of what you need? We comprehensively analyze what you need and gives you the optimum solution. Knowing all the options will give you the advantage but knowing how to to integrate them in your IT will give you not just the advantage but the edge. Let us show you how we can cut your cost and make your IT efficient by hosting it with the current-know-how and expertise.  

Cloud Manage

Sometimes, it's not the high end car that gets you the fastest time to your destination. Even the average car with the GPS and a tech driver can do the job. This is how we understand our Cloud Management. Even with the high end hardware or the best Cloud Architecture, it will still count if you have the best IT professional that can handle and optimize your server efficiently. Whether it is an existing servers, monitoring requirements, optimization and automation, we can manage it for you and impress you on how we can even cut the cost or effectively execute it.

How cloud changes the game in the IT industry

Whether your running application, database or storage servers. Cloud has influenced these in a different level. It's like how convenient Google drive/Drop Box versus the traditional USB. Always available through the use of internet in which you can expand it while in USB you have to buy another one, reliable that it wont get lost not like the physical USB's, fast as it depends on the server storage technology and internet connection. These constraints has rapidly changed how things are so convenient and easy. At Jinetech we make things as simple as these for your business. We transform your business to be able to catch up like how mobile technology gets you on-the-go.